1. Baby Sea Turtle Release

A must see if you’re a fan of the beach, nature, baby animals, and just overall cuteness. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project is an amazing initiative made possible primarily by volunteers and donations. For over 25 years this organization has been at the forefront of preserving the marine turtle species by educating the general public and monitoring all of the turtle activity on and around the island. As part of their effort, the organization also hosts several releases throughout the hatching season between mid-July to mid-October. Typically announced the same morning via their Facebook page, locals and tourists alike will head down to the chosen beach at the drop of the hat to witness this amazing spectacle. With the setting sun in the background and the waves lapping gently around your feet, a brief lesson is given and then a hush falls as these tiny creatures are released and begin making a beeline for the ocean. Watching every single baby turtle reach the water and start swimming bravely away is an unforgettable sight.

2. Farmers Markets

Early morning risers will like this one! Farmers Markets have become a ‘thing’ in recent years here on the island, with the leading location being Brighton. Of course there will be plenty of fresh local produce, but there will also be loads to eat and drink including amazing waffles, tiki pies, fresh juice, and steaming coffee. Take a walk and explore the small shopping stalls set up with local art, jewelry, plants, soaps and more. If you have kids in tow have no fear! You can release them onto the mini playground to expend some of their endless energy while you relax on one of the many picnic benches. Brighton opens their gates around 6am and ends around 10am, but get there around 7:30am if you really want first pick before most things sell out. In addition to Brighton on Saturday, Holders on the West Coast also hosts their own Farmers Market on Sundays, and Hastings on the South has a smaller version on different days of the week.

3. Go to the beach

They say saltwater cures everything, so what better place to be than a tropical island! Simple and to the point, but really – go to the beach. You’ve got the East Coast for rugged tropical escapes, the West Coast for picturesque beauty, South for diversity and general bustle, and the North for dramatic clifftop scenery. If you’re on a tight schedule then rent a car or hire a private taxi and hit the most popular beaches on each coast – you can easily do this in a day. For those with a bit more time, spend a day on each coast and really dive in to the island experience.

4. Hike Barbados

An amazing way to get close to the natural landscape of the island. The hikes are free, but donations towards the Barbados National Trust are welcomed! There are three types of excursions: morning, afternoon, and moonlight. The hikes last around 3 hours depending on the group that you’re in and the pace they’ve set (medium, fast-medium, fast, etc). If it’s your first time hiking in Barbados, the group recommends trying the ‘Stop ‘n Stare’ hike to start with. For more info on dates and times you can visit: http://www.barbados.org/hike.htm

5. Drive-In

A local family favourite, the drive-in movie theater located in Christ Church on the South Coast is the chillest place to enjoy a movie in the open-air after the sun sets. There is a snack bar that provides everything from soft-serve ice cream and popcorn, to fishcakes, fries and hamburgers. Bring along some blankets and pillows to cozy up under the stars. At only $7.50 usd for adults and $4 for children, this is our one and only ‘cheap’ pick for the list. Find out what’s currently showing here: http://www.globedrivein.mobi/app/now-showing/936633/36/