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Book Direct with BSL Rentals in Barbados

Here’s what’s in it for you

You’ll love staying with us, not just because we’re witty and quick to respond. We respect your privacy; our staff are all on the ground, not just on the Internet. Booking directly with us is, honestly, simple. Here are four quick and easy reasons you might want to choose us:


1. We keep the booking process simple, professional, and friendly.

Do you have to provide a DNA sample, your grandma’s maiden name, and two references over 40 when booking your vacation rental? At BSL Rentals, we keep it simple. We accept standard information that is normally requested worldwide.


2. The Best Rates

It’s best to book direct with us. Our website always has the best rates, guaranteed. Our service fee is lower than all of the other sites (Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, etc.) simply because you’re coming directly to us. There are no surprises in our rates; we show you everything upfront so that you can make the best decision for you.


3. Affordable homes in the best locations

We live and work in Barbados, and that’s hard to compete with! Our holiday rentals are in areas that are within walking distance of gas stations, beaches, and supermarkets. Our reservations know all the secret spots, and we’ll tell you all!


4. We’ll never ghost you.

Remember that ex from six years ago? Still, waiting for that callback? That’s never us. We have dedicated team members who are on call in case you have any questions, or accidents, or simply need to tell us how wonderful we are.


Sammy and the team


About Us

BSL Rentals is a growing vacation rental company in Barbados. Our portfolio is suited for families, groups, and savvy travellers who love to explore on their own. What makes us stand apart is our obvious charm and the simplicity of booking with us. Our guests love it here, as they can be as fancy or as simple as they want. We offer options for cooks and staffing services if you want to take a load off. The intimacy of our holiday rental portfolio ensures that you are not overwhelmed by the selection. You can choose from beachfront, near the beach, west coast, ocean, and south coast vacation rentals. Join us on social media; we’ll share property photos, island life, free Barbados itineraries, and so much more.

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